• The mechanization of mines.
  • The cuttability of rocks, the proper selection of any excavation systems in mines and tunnels, the models for performance prediction.
  • Applicability of partial face excavation machines to metal mines.
  • Studies on brittleness for assessment of production rate of mechanical excavators.
  • Micro-tunneling techniques and drilling technologies.
  • Shaft drivages.
  • Mine hoisting.
  • Developing the criteria for mine machinery selection.
  • Mine water drainage.
  • Transport in mines.
  • Chain saw machines for marble production.


  • Mini disc application in micro-tunnel technology and machine performance prediction models.
  • The comparison of small scale and full scale cutting tests results.
  • Selection criteria of drilling machines and drill bits used in overburden removal.
  • The design of cutting heads used in tunnel boring machines and roadheaders.
  • The investigation of new excavation technologies.
  • Effect of ground conditioning on TBM performance.


  • Prediction of mine machine failure using oil debris analysis.
  • NATO-TU Excavation Project.
  • The Investigation of three-cone bit performance in Black Sea Copper Company.
  • The performance prediction of a full face tunnel boring machine for Tuzla Dragos Tunnel.
  • The cuttability characteristics of celestite and bed rocks for Barit Maden Türk A.Ş.
  • The cuttability characteristics of coal seams in Mil-Ten Coal Mines.
  • Cuttability tests and definition of optimum TBM parameters for Anadoluray Kadikoy-Kartal Metro Excavations.