Excavation of different types mineral composits naturally occured in earthcrust which have economical value is called as 'Mining'

A Mining engineer determines the location and the reserve of the mineral deposits by using various methods. He/She provides access to the ore deposits by either underground or surface excavations and applies variety of methods to produce these ore deposits. During these operations of supplying raw material to industry, health and safety, environmental sustainability, ethics and economic feasibility are primary concerns of a mining engineer.

Job Opportunities

A mining engineer can work in exploration by utilizing drilling and geophysical methods, production and concentration of metals, industrial minerals and coal seams and He/She is defined as expert on these operations. Also, a mining engineer should possess knowledge of business management, marketting, occupational health and safety, environmental and other legal rules. Degree and title of 'Mining Engineer' are granted to graduates.

Graduates of our department can take various job opportunities in plenty of working fields. Some of those fields are mining, ceramics, glass industry, cement industry, natural stone and quarry production, tunnel engineering etc. Our graduates are assigned to various tasks in projects of mining and natural resources such as technical and economical feasibility assessments, health and safety specialist, consultant, technical supervisor. Besides, the graduates build their career in state enterprises. Since our department is accredited by ABET, the graduates can work in international and abroad projects.