Vision & Mission


to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate programs supported by up-to-date curriculum and scientific and industrial research
to produce technically competent and well educated mining engineers who have team skills and are able to work in mining and mining - related industries both within the country and abroad
to educate mining engineers who can follow and utilize the technological developments that may occur during their careers and recognize the needs of an environmentally sensitive society.

Educational Objectives

The mining engineering undergraduate program of study is structured in a way that graduates meet the following objectives:

  1. Achieving an educational experience with an interdisciplinary program consisting of mathematics and basic sciences, engineering, social, and humanity sciences to become experts in their mining engineering practices.
  2. Having strong fundamental scientific and technical knowledge and experience to apply their engineering skills in mining and related engineering projects.
  3. Getting the ability to communicate effectively in both Turkish and English to manage a group of people and organize various types of projects in mining engineering profession.
  4. Having teamwork capability for solving problems and making decisions to become leaders in the mining industry.
  5. Gaining a life-long learning ability to follow a path of continuous improvement in their careers.
  6. Having awareness about professional obligations to protect environment and human life with professional and ethical responsibility.

Research Objectives

To cooperate with rapidly developing mining and mining related industries and develop innovative solutions to the problems by conducting research in fundamental and applied sciences


The vision of Mining Engineering Department is,

  • to keep its educational standards same as with the internationally well-known Mining Engineering Departments,
  • to educate students to play an active role in industry, satisfying present and future needs of a global society through the development and implementation of revolutionary technologies for the extraction of mineral resources, and construction of underground structures in a socially responsible, economically viable, and environmentally sound manner.