Who is Mining Engineer?

Mineral composits occured in different types in underground which have economical value is called mine.

Mining engineer determines the location and the reserv of the mine by using various methods, reaches to the deposit by underground or ground excavations, applys mining excavation by different methods, enrichs the mine by providing the contents that industry needs by transporting the excavated material to the surface and firstly consider about economy and safety criterias.

Our major fields of interest are;

·          Prospecting
·          Drilling Technologies
·          Optimum Drill Bit Selection
·          Surface Mining Planning and Design
·          Mineral Economics and Marketing
·          Environmental Planning and Reclamation in Mining
·          Blasting and Explosives + Environmental effects of Blasting
·          Ground Control (Mining)
·          Mine System Engineering
·          Reserve Calculation Geostatistics
·          Hydraulic Mining
·          Mine Mapping
·          Mine Filling
·          Rock Mechanics
·          Rock Cutting Mechanics
·          Computer Applications in Mining
·          Mine Planning and Design
·          Mine Ventilation
·          Subsidence and Slope Stability
·          Mining Law
·          Rock Bursts
·          Geotechnical Investigation
·          Tunneling
·          Mechanized Tunneling with TBM’s and Road Headers
·          Microtunnelling
·          Safety and Health in Mining
·          Performance Prediction of Mechanical Excavators
·          Cutting Head Design of TBM’s Road Headers and Mechanical Excavators
·          Site Investigation for The Selection of Mechanized Systems in Mine and Tunnel Excavation
·          Mechanization in Mining
·          Hydraulic Excavation and Transport in Mining
·          Shearer and Plough Applications in Mining
·          Cement Technology
·          Cement Raw Materials Crushing and Grinding Systems
·          Micro-Cement Production
·          Dry-Grinding Technologies
·          Ultra-Fine Grinding on Cement and Ceramic Industries
·          Mining and Environment
·          Quarrying
·          Marble Mining
·          Mine Machineries
·          Mine Water Drainage
·          Transport in Mines
·          Mining Geostatistics
·          Mine Production Planning / Scheduling
·          Finite Element Method Application Surface Heverments
·          Natural Stones and Building Stones
·          Discontinuities in Rock Mass
·          Bulk Handling