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Department was founded in 1953 and the education was started the same year with the cooperation of different universities from Germany and Austria. Dr. F Schumacher, Dr.H. Wöhbler, Dr.R.Engel, Dr. E. Bierbraue, Dr. F. Mohr and Dr.C.Orel were the first academic staff appointed as part time lecturers from foreign universities. Since 1953 1750 students have graduated from the Department of Mining Engineering. Currently there are four sections in the Department of Mining Engineering dealing with academic and research activities, they are Section of Underground Mining, Section of Surface Mining, Section of Mine Mechanization and Technology and Section of Mineral and Coal Processing. The Department has 15 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors and 13 Research Associates.

The head of the department between 1982 – 1986 : Prof. Dr. Cemal BIRON

The head of the department between 1986 – 1998 : Prof. Dr. Senai SALTOGLU

The head of the department 1998 – 2004 : Prof. Dr. Nuh BILGIN

The head of the department 2004 – 2007 : Prof. Dr. Guven ONAL

The head of the department 2007 – 2009. : Prof. Dr. Gunduz OKTEN

The head of the department 2009 – cont. : Prof. Dr. Orhan KURAL


A memory from 1982


Picture taken before a sportive activity at 1965